Ethiopian Music

ከሙዚቃው አለም

Author: Ashenafi Kebede

Title: Zemenawi Muzika: Modern Trends in Traditional Secular Music in Ethiopia.

Date: 1976

Author: Simeneh  Betreyohannes

Title: Scholarship on Ethiopian Music, Past, Present and Future Prospects

Year: 2010

Title: Four Contemporary Ethiopian Composers and Their Music- Asnakech Worku, Nuria Ahmed Shami Kalid A..K.A. Shamitu, Ezra Abate Iman, and Ashenafi Kebede

Author:Cinthia Tse Kimberlin

Title: Intercultural Dialogue on the Visualization of Local Knowledge- Films of Hereditary Singers in Ethiopia

Author: Itsushi Kawase

Year: 2010

ቴዲ አፍሮ 

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